Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Lost.......

...My quilting mojo.....!!
It's been lost for almost 5 weeks.....yikes!!
Yesterday was the first time forever...i ventured into the sewing room...
What a mess......five project scattered around.......books, patterns, and junk laying on my cutting board......sewing machine with the repair tag still attached..... and the cat napping in the middle...
Not a pretty sight!
Well....i fussed and fumed....and cleaned.....and organized.....and actually got 2 blocks done for the two memory quilts that i still need to finish.....Oui...!!
Seems like...since i returned to work.....reading has become my pass time of choice....
maybe it's because i can loose myself in another universe.....
One where there's no hurry to get home and cook dinner....laundry to fit in the hours between fixing dinner and problems of top security levels to visitors to keep happy.... no phones to e-mails to information to research....a universe where i have NO responsibilities....
Ever feel like Jack on 24...??
Anyhoo.......time to stop whinning......i love my life ....i really do...!
Just need to find my mojo....!!


  1. Oh LindaMay I know exactly what you are talking about!! It must be springtime! I too, can't get a darn project finished! Not to worry though, things will get done when they get done right?? That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

  2. They say there is a time for everything and if you are reading that's ok. Just enjoy it... Quilting time will come again. Variety is the spice of life and we need varied interests.

  3. I lose my scrapbooking mojo every once in awhile but once I'm back in my room it all comes back to me. Then the aftermath happens and I'd rather be creating than cleaning. Oh well, to everything there is a season. Your quilting mojo will return.

  4. Hi, yep, home is the place you can forget the requirements of work, or should. Many folks cannot, and their life becomes stressful if they can't handle the thoughts.

    You have a lot of company with tooooo many projects at once. It is good to finish one!

    Looking forward to visiting some NC State parks tomorrow, might run into the boomer.
    Y'all be good now!

  5. If by any chance you find such a universe.....
    One where there's no hurry to get home and cook
    Please let me know as I would Happily join your there ~ I love reading as much as you do and can get lost in a good book ~ I am sure you will finish all of your projects when the time is right ~ Ally x~

  6. Hi, I loved OK Granny's comment, "to everything there is a season".

    I escape into books when the stress builds up. Mystery novels are my drug of choice. Easier to deal with serial killers in the book than the chaos in my real life:)

    I'm betting that you will stumble into a really bad book and find yourself quilting again.

  7. I lose my creativity mojo every now and then too.

  8. I'm sure it is hard to find the time at the moment with you back at work. Just enjoy your reading & you will get back to quilting in due time.

  9. If it is anything like writer's block, I can so relate. Usually time off from your passion is the only answer.

  10. There have been so many bloggers lately that have lost their mojo. Me being one of them. I think at least part of it has been because the weather has been so nice lately that we just want to sit back and enjoy what God has given us. The mojo will come back when you least expect it.