Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Wait.......

It's a game .....i know it's a game.....
It's the game that Miss Kitty plays everyday..
The game where she pretends not to look at the bird feeder hopes that an unsuspecting sparrow or finch will fly within catching range.....

Then with the force and might of the cat kingdom she can strike.....

Feathers will fly and she can present her catch to the master of her universe.....

.....The Male Child.....

He just "loves" these little gifts and is soooo glad the birds are wise to Kitty's little game..



  1. Waiting is not an easy job at all. Poor Miss Kitty. Hope your Thursday is a great one!

  2. Ha!!! Oh LindaMay what a great description, her "Master of the Universe." That's exactly the way our dog feels about my husband!!! I'm going to share that with him, he'll love it!

  3. Miss Kitty is a pretty girl indeed but then aren't all cats pretty?

  4. Glad the birds have wised up
    I heven't heard from you in awhile so thought I would drop by and say hi again.

  5. No one is more patient than a cat. Here's hoping her patience continues to be unrewarded.

  6. Our Callie and Lucy are pretty patient too...
    Love your cat's fur!! Take care ~Natalie

  7. It is forever the same! Cats are patient and independant. At four years old, I sat and watched old Tom, watch and wait. Even at that age I was amazed at the patience.

    Some of us need that patience and knowledge, good things come to those who wait. LOL

    Oh yes, and it was a good day today, meeting you! thanks for the joy!

  8. May Miss Kitty always be foiled. Anticipation is usually better than realization anyway.