Monday, May 17, 2010

I Wish.......

...this morning looked like the morning in the picture....
Instead we've got rain....rain....and more rain....fog....dampness.....wind and flash flood warnings..
Even the birds are depressed....!!
Speaking of birds....the starlings that built their nest in the rafters of the cabin have hatched....
OMGoodness....there must be twenty of them....!!
Never heard so much twittering!!
Mom and Dad starling are constantly on the hunt for breakfast.....lunch....and dinner....
I love baby birds ....but i'll be glad when these guys leave the nest.....


  1. Pouring rain here, too, but Lord knows we needed it. I was dreading having to go water the garden all this week.

  2. We've had rain, rain and more rain is coming this week. Can't do a thing outside..too muddy. The little house wrens love to build on my front porch light and make the biggest mess, esp. if I allow them to do it (poop on your head is not good!) Stay dry..if possible!

  3. It' s gloomy here today too. So far only sprinkles but more will come I'm sure. Hope your Monday is a great one!

  4. I had 4 foot long starling nests in my soffits. They just add on each year. Love the birds but had to plug the holes and hope they found somewhere else to roost. Had a real dose of bird mites which can be a bugger to get rid of.
    Good luck with yours.

  5. hhahahahahahahahahaha! /toooo mucch of a good thing, huh? We are in Winston SAlem for a few days volunteer labor. It is down right cool here, I bet it ain't swimmin weather up there!!!!
    Take care and I hope the sun shines soon.

  6. It's a yucky, gray day here today. My husband just called and said he's coming home early today so we can get the mowing done today. We're expecting more rain and if the grass gets any taller he'll have to use the brush hog. That's really an exaggeration but you know what I mean.

    Hope your day is sunny today!