Thursday, July 8, 2010


These are the before shots.....
The little cabin in the Twelve Acre Wood had a problem...
The stain on the logs was wearing-off on the NW and SW sides....
"What...!! say...!!??
The stain is less than 4 years old....what about the warranty.....??!!
Well...we used a name brand...suppose to be a "good, up-standing company".....
and you know what......they are!!
The Rep came out......he said.."yep! got a problem..." and approved us for enough stain to re-do the logs with a "double" coat".....
Wish all our issues were this easy to solve...
After pictures tomorrow...hopefully!!


  1. Glad it is under warranty. My luck never runs that way. There is always a loophole.

  2. How refreshing to hear about a company that really does stand behind its product.

  3. It's great they stand behind their product but now you still have to do it again. That would be the worst part for me. Hope it all goes well. Can't wait to see the after shots.

  4. HI there, So glad to hear that the stain company is standing by you.
    So refreshing in today's marketplace.
    Have a wonderful Thursday, stay cool(it's cold here in Colorado).

  5. So glad to hear that the company is standing behind their product and the warranty.

  6. must say...I'm impressed...a company held up to there warranty!

  7. How lovely to hear of a Company that really does take responsibility for it's products ~ looking forward to seeing the after shots :o) ~ Ally x

  8. Sometimes we have a pleasant surprise from a company! Way to go!
    Stay cool way up there!

  9. Maybe you should NAME the company here and give them this great free promo!

    Can't wait to see the afters.

  10. Oh my good gravy, what a view! I bet you sit out on that porch and enjoy the best cuppa coffee ever whilst enjoying the beauty of your world. Glad you get a new stain the easy way. Can't wait to see the after pics.


  11. It's nice to hear that someone stands by their product like that. I love your home. I'm late reading any blogs today so I'll have to say I hope your Thursday was a great one and tomorrow is Friday so we know that will be good.

  12. Great that they stood behind their product. Not all companies will do that these days.

    Chorus line for the rain? Sure, come on over and we'll all do the rain dance together. HA


  13. Wow, that was awful decent of them !
    Are they going to foot the bill for the labor also, or that will be up to you ?
    Hope everything goes well, don't forget the after pictures !
    What a gorgeous home.....