Friday, July 30, 2010

Ole Mountain Woman......

In my quest to become an "ole" Mountain Woman....i've learned some of the folk lore we " ole" mountain women live be .... is a little strange.....

Like this fog in August thing....

As the lore goes.....everyday in August there is a foggy should put a bean, marble, pea, pebble, etc. into a jar, bowl, glass, etc.....

A small item for a light fog or a large item for a heavy fog.....hummmmm

Then when you count at the end of the month... you will know how many light snows and how many heavy snows you can expect during the winter.......

The guy at the hardware store has been correct for the last twenty-some-odd years....

Another ....hummmmmm

Then you've got this black squirrel...bees and wasp thing....

If the bees and wasps build their nest up's gonna be a bad winter...

If you see a black squirrel's gonna be a bad winter.....

Now all of this brings this fairly new "ole" mountain woman to!!

Heavy fog this morning......wasp nest being build under the 30ft over hang of the squirrel ran across the road in front of me driving to work.....

Does this mean another bad winter...???!!

No Wait...!!

It's still July.....whewwwwww...!!!


Ps........did i mention the "good ole boy"...driving the rusted-out truck....eating the Egg McMuffin that waved at me......what does that mean......???!!!


  1. We've had a lot of foggy mornings here at the campground too. I've only seen gray squirrels and yes It's still July...Have a FANTASTIC Friday!

  2. That means he wants you to be a good ole' girl!. In the dead of winter look back at this post and see what has happened.

  3. Love the fog! Looks like a great day to stay in and sew! :0)

  4. I read that a lot of these Ole Wives (Mountain) Tales are quite factual ~ will be interesting to know the outcome of all your collections ~ of pebbles glass etc do tell you what kind of winter you are going to have :O) ~ Ally x

  5. Around here the type of winter is determined by "wooly" worms and how fluffy squirrels' tails are.

  6. Think i would rather not know what i have to look forward to. Although whatever happens in the US quite often finds its way across the pond to us in a few days time.
    Jenny <><

  7. I thought I recognized that landscape. I went to school and Boone and we spent a lot of time in your neck of the woods! :)

  8. That means to store up eggs and English Muffins for those long cold winter months.

    I remember SOME of these NC folk lores from our days of living in Kernersville.

    If it thunders during a snowstorm, it will snow again within 7 days. That's ANOTHER one.

  9. Did you know the "good ole boy" in the truck? He just might have been flirting with the "ole mountain woman"....

    (Nice pix of the fog!)

  10. Sounds like a bad winter coming. You should track it and we will all watch with you!
    Longing to be an ole Mountain Woman,

  11. Hey Sweetheart you have arrived!!
    being noticed by one of the 'good ole boys'.
    'Em mountain boys are particular who they wave at!'
    Loved the entry,
    Hope you become an accurate forcasting mountain woman!

    Love from Soo of Sault St. marie

  12. It means he was hungry and being friendly....

    I LOVE this post!

  13. I like this post. I think the ole mountain guy thought you were cute.