Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's Cold....!!!

Remember the poinsettia.......seems to be thriving...

It's 3:45 in the afternoon and it's 67* on the front porch......whoa mama....!

Sooooo....i put out a little touch of fall.....

And it's raining....
Been raining since early this morning...

I thought it was a good day to stay in and do nothing....
Unless you count...
  • an early morning hair appointment for color and cut
  • two loads of laundry
  • cleaning out the refrig.....ratatouille cooking in crock pot
  • playing with the new camera
  • making 2 more squares for the memory quilts
  • pulling all the threads out of one square and starting over
  • pondering why i couldn't get my purse camera to focus this AM and then realizing i had it on MACRO......ugh!.....missed the baby burro that lives down the road.....

Maybe tomorrow i'll do nothing....

Nope....CityBoy's off.....that means Wal*Mart and the grocery store....

Oh Wellllllll.....



  1. Hi there, Sounds like a very busy day to camera-how exciting!
    Pulling out stitches on a square-I seem to make that a regular habit.
    Have a wonderful weekend dear friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. If this is doing nothing, I'd hate to try to keep up with you if you were busy!!!!!!!!
    I tink Rest would be goood tomorrow!!!

    Take care,
    From Mackinac Island,
    Sherry & jack

  3. Oh yeh, you had a very lazy day. Hope tomorrow you actually get a chance to rest.

  4. I envy your temps! It's 100 here!

  5. Send some of those temps this way! I'm so ready for Fall & Fall decor! My favorite time of the year!!!

  6. Oh my! That is cooool weather!!! I can't imagine that kind of temperature in August! You better slow down and stop to smell the roses, lol.

  7. I would hate to see you when you do something. lol

  8. I love your poinsettia...and your lazy rainy day of just "doing nothing". Enjoy, Gerry

  9. Good Morning,
    You have been having some cool weather. I'm not ready to give up my summer days yet. I still have lots to do around home here before I go back.

    Have a relaxing Sunday. Take care ~Natalie