Friday, July 23, 2010

For Paula in Texas..........

Look....look....there are the on her forehead and one on her nose.....!!
The amount on her legs was just tooooo gross to publish.......
Flies are Reeeeaaalllyyy bad this year..!!

And Paula........look at that beady little black me the LOOK!!

Love this new ZOOM lens..!!



  1. Wow, I like the camera! can't believe you can make out the flies at about 50'(guess, could be longer, huh?)

    Those are outstanding shots!
    sending love from Michigan

  2. Wow! Just wow! Those are some fantastic shots. Imagine being able to take a picture that shows the flies on a deer's face, from 50 feet.

  3. Poor deer, bet she is miserable. Your new camera takes great pictures. Helen

  4. I just posted a deer pic on my blog too, they've been eating the fallen apples from the tree. I can't see close for the flies but I sure see the tails swishing. Throughout that rough winter we had, I kept thinking I hoped it was killing flies - NOT.

    Young Fairchild just got married, I called him about hay on his cellphone, he said he was in Myrtle Beach on his honeymoon.

  5. Hey what a great camera you have. I think you have already mastered the use of it. Looking forward to more interesting pictures.