Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ohhhhhhhh Man....!!

Max here....
Just when i had that peeking thru the hair....soulful-sad-eyed Johnny Depp look down to a science...
Mom said....
"you need a Hair Cut...!!"
The only thing i hate more is a Baaattthhh.....

Hey....hey...!!...careful there's an ear in there somewhere....

Ohhhhh....the cat.....princess Mia and dad are watching.....

Ahhh....the male child is taking pictures...!!

the humiliation.... :(

Whoaaa....... are you gonna snatch me bald....!

Take it easy....!!!

Whew.......almost done....!!

Did you leave me any "neck" hair.....??

You know Princess Mia chews on me..!

Had to post these pictures of Max.....his facial expressions are priceless....



  1. Max, you look very handsome with your new do!

  2. Aww, Mattie hates a hair cut also. LOL

  3. Poor little guy, you can tell he is not liking that at all. But he should feel better when all is done and said. I know I'm looking forward to my next hair cut. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. I love Max!! What a cutie-pie, and you're right LM...his facial features are hilarious!! It's GREAT to see him again!!
    Hugs, Sharon
    President of Max Fan Club

  5. Amazing how you can tell what Max is thinking, must be a mommy thing!!!!

    Neat entry. It is easy to love the pup pictures!

    Hope you are having a great day!!!

  6. He didn't look very happy while you were trimming, but I'll bet he's a lot cooler now without all the extra hair.

  7. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures of Max ~ they are "Pictures to keep" :O) ~ Ally x

  8. Funny, he's not looking terribly impressed with the whole ordeal is he? :)

  9. Love this entry. Max is sooo cute.

  10. If Mighty had known you were torturing Max, he would have started out for the blueridges mts on his bionic knees to get Max's back. He soooo understands.
    Really cute post.

  11. i hope Max got a cookie after that...poor lil guy