Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Couldn't wait......

......it is a well known fact that Day-Light Savings Time and i are not the best of friends....i really dislike that within 10 minutes of my arriving home .... it's DARK!!
We're talking.....dark.....as in pitch black.....as in the clock striking midnight in a horror film.....as in "Why am i still awake and functioning?"
What does that have to do with my not being able to wait?........

....i was going to wait and post these pictures on Wordless Wednesday....

but.....i couldn't wait to share this.....

After all.....when this sort of sunrise is waiting for you almost every morning...

DL Savings Time can't be all bad.....



  1. You are blessed to have the sun up when going to work...about the time I get to work it is starting to come up over the horizon. I think that since the time has changed it is a little lighter and that is a blessing, but I'm looking forward to when we have longer days and more sunlight for sure. That picture is just beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing! I do not like DAY LIGHT SAVING TIME EITHER!

  3. I love Daylight Savings Time, I don't like Standard Time that we're on now.

  4. I hear Ya!
    I hate when it is dark out at 6

  5. Great pics...and your Kitty was having great fun LOL...and I am like you...when the kids get home from school...ten minutes later..darkness...the other night..I showered and had jammers on...and it was only seven oclock??!!!! LOL...I thought for sure it was at least eleven!!??? LOL...oh well...those sunrise pics make it worth it huh??? God Bless..hugs..Ora

  6. I just wish they would leave the time one way or the other.

  7. Beautiful pictures--I also noticed the sunrise on my way to school this morning!