Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Pink Couch.......

....when CityBoy and i got married....each of us brought one special something to the relationship....

I brought a blond,blue-eyed, four year old female child and he brought the pink couch..... was a good couch...i think it was Ethan Allen's brand made of some type of super-duper vinyl.........but! was PINK!!

Not a lovely little baby girl pink.......a shocking bright almost neon PINK!!

It served us well for many with stood the female child....the jumping.....the naps.....the many dogs.....the birth of the male child.....and even the pony that tryed to sit on it.....

Then came the day the pink couch was carried out to the road side (check out the garbage can side-table) for the garbage truck......

A for our little family...(check smiles on faces).....and much to our surprise the garbage men strapped it to the top of the truck, instead of throwing it in the back......!!

One of the men yelled ....." grandmom will love a pink couch" and off they drove!!

For many years i've called this our "Official Family Portrait" and it has been displayed somewhere in the house....

Wonder if that old pink couch is still in someones living room....??!!



  1. Cute picture. Glad that it could be recycled. Bet Grandma was glad to get it. Helen

  2. I love your pink couch! What a wonderful family photo! I bet it still does have a home...gosh, they really do not make things as well as they used to!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. I'd probably still have that ole pink sofa but it would be recovered by now. -grin-
    All of our furniture is in it's second or third life, everything has been recovered, at least once. It's less expensive recovering the sturdy, well built old stuff than trying to replace it.

  4. Cute story and I love the picture.