Monday, November 9, 2009

Mommy's little helper......

.....yesterday...before i took the pictures of my stash......i was cutting 2.5 inch strips of muslin for a project......Miss Kitty (sorry about the picture, tilt your heads to the right) was being "Moms Little Helper" by removing the left overs for me......ever try to rotary cut with a cat in the way!!
Plus....she decided to sit on my yardage!!!
Silly Cat!!
She disappeared when i started with the unphotographed stash!
You just can't get good help anymore....'s Monday!!


  1. yes I do remember when my cat and I had our moments figuring out who actually own the fabric. Now my dog and I do the same thing. Puddin actually gets very possessive of my fabrics. Anyway your cat it very cute.

  2. Sometimes they can be frustrating but they do give hours of smiles for sure! Hope your Monday is a great one too!

  3. what a hoot. Just like a cat I know.