Sunday, November 15, 2009


...did the powers that be...decide to fool with the time, during the season when the deer go into "Rut" and the hunters go into the "Crazies"....??
Yesterday the drive to and from work was a lesson in defensive driving......dodging the deer.....the females seem to wait on the shoulders of the road until your within hitting distance and then bound across......followed shortly by the hormone driven bucks!!
On a usual commute this "deer in the road" activity doesn't bother me ..'cause i've learned to slow that "they've" fooled with the time......the early morning commute has "sun in the eyes" issues and the commute home has "it's dark" issues!!!
And Hunting season.......OMG......don't get me wrong ....i have nothing against hunting.....i enjoy a good deer stew.......But guys!! careful out there!!
Yesterdays radio calls were filled with EMS call-outs to remote place in the woods with "possible" hunting accidents........hunting season last more than one day......take your safe!!


  1. I know some who've had accidents with those deer and they are not pretty for sure. Going slow is good advise. Thankfully I don't know anyone who's had a hunting accident but good advise there too. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Sounds scary, those deer can make a real mess of the cars, take care.

    Jenny <><

  3. I almost hit a deer 2 nights ago picking up hubby. It came so close. Of course it's hunting season here so they are on the run. Hope you stay safe driving. Hugs..

  4. Last year my neighbor who is a prison guard banged up his truck on a deer crossing in the dark then in a week he did his car in.

  5. The deer have been a bit wacko here too... Tons of dead deer on the roadways the past few weeks, and lots wandering in our neighborhood too.


  6. Same thing going on here in Arkansas. I worry about hitting them, they sure do get close to the road and humans. The hunters are another issue. My Dad loved this time of year more than anything! The time change just adds more to the mix. Stay safe!