Friday, November 13, 2009

Tis' the Season.........

Tis' the know what .......season!!
And as a result this young man has appeared in our yard......checking out our little herd of five does.
The does have been sticking close to the cabin for the last few days......i thought it might be because of the rain.........then "he" showed up......

We caught glimpses of him on the fringes of the 12 Acre he's gotten brave and just comes on up to the smorgasbord on the front lawn....

He seems to be a young gentleman....

However.....the jury is still out....

I'm gonn'a call him Dasher.........



  1. LindaMay!! He's beautiful! What a charmer!! Those ladies better watch out!

  2. I wish Dasher would go hide from the hunters.

  3. On out for the men in weird looking suits carrying a big stick that goes boom!!!! I think it would be a wondrous thing to have dear coming up to the front I can do here is possoms and a few rabbits LOL..and of course a dog and cat now and then...and my favorite (of course LOL) the sneaky snake...sheesh...and will have to say..Dasher sure is a dashing young buck...!!! hugs..Ora

  4. Ah, the troops are gathering. Hope you don't have any prized plants around there that they like to eat.

  5. Bet Dasher and the ladies feel safe in your yard.

  6. He is a beautiful thing. Maybe they are all hiding from the hunters. Helen

  7. Oh He's a pretty one. if Todd saw him in our yard, he'd be in 7th heaven (although knowing him, he'd wait a year or 2 for him to grow some more and hope no one shoots him in hte meantime)