Sunday, November 1, 2009

Field Trip.......

.......even with the weather looking like this........the Field Trip must go on!!

Mom and I set out for Tayorsville yesterday to visit "The Cottage Quilt Shop" shop (i need some plaids) ohhh & ahhhhh....and to stroke the HandiQuilter long-arm machine.........soon you'll be mine!!!

If you live in the area......please's worth the trip!

Bill and Cynthia have a great variety....even 108" backing material......

Then on the way home we decided to visit a new shop we had heard about in North Wilkesboro.......Betty's This-N-That Fabrics.......

Well....i had Map Quested the shop ...but....of course i left the direction at home........

Did i remember the way....yes

Did we find the

We drove around the area Map Quest had drawn out......if there was a shop there it must have been on the second of third floor....cause after an hour and a half we could not find even a hint of fabric!!

So either my memory has gone ....kaflooie.....or we were in the wrong place!

I do have a phone number on the directions...but remember the directions were at home.....and i'll call them next week for a detailed route to the shop...... City Boy brought a crate of yellow squash home on Friday....sooooo....i get to break-in that new pressure-canner that's been setting in the kitchen sticking it's tongue out at me.......

It's a cheeky little thing!!



  1. I know that visiting that quilt shop was a neccessity for sure...braving the fog and all. I hope you get directions to the fabric shop so you have another reason to brave the elements. It's all about making the work we do all week worth while... Once you get that long arm, you may never leave home again so stock up now!

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Sorry about leaving the directions behind, but that means another trip for another day. Enjoy that pressure cooker!

  3. Visiting a quilt shop is definitely a neccessity for any quilter. Glad you were able to visit at least one. Pictures of what you got??? Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  4. after you get that "long arm machine" just might get lotsa visitors curious about what you have and what you are just might make more sales for whoever is selling??? LOL...and happy pressure cooking!! God Bless...hugs...Ora

  5. What a fun day! Just think--you will be able to make another trip to really find the quilt shop with directions!

  6. weather-wise, it's been very gloomy over here this weekend

  7. I've got to put this quilt shop on my list so when we get up that way again to check it out. Take Care :)