Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jet Jockeys.......

......they are back and at it again!!

Haven't seen their vapor trails in quite some time.....missed you guys and gals....

....this is the view from the front porch at 7:45 am today......

I sincerely hope they're just out in the sky having fun!!

It's a great day for having fun..... 40*.....bright sun shine.....very little breeze.......

Wonder how much fun i can have on my weekly trip to Wally World???

Well.....i'll give it my best shot!.....

Rather be playing in the sky with the jet jockeys.......



  1. It would be interesting to know where they are all headed to or coming from. Helen

  2. It could be we just haven't had many nice blue skies for the trails to show up's trying to be a blue sky day here but it hasn't quite made it yet. Have fun shopping!

  3. Believe it or not the sky looks exactly the same from the other end of the state. I wonder if it is the same jets!

  4. at 40 degrees it gets cold up in those jets