Monday, April 5, 2010

hi ho...!....hi ho..!!!

It's off to work i go...!!

The alarm clock went off and i'm up and dressed...

why i can greet visitors in my pj's is something i'm pondering today....

Oh Well.....

It's a morning of orientations......ugh!...done this for the last three years.....i think i maybe orientated.....

Maybe i'll sit in the back and heckle....



  1. I hope that you didn't get too bored during orientation. It must be so hard going back to work after having the whole winter off. Do you like your job, usually? That makes it so much easier.

  2. I hope your first day back is a great one. It's beautiful here in Ohio!

  3. bacj to work eeh? I hope Andrea can come back too.

  4. Okay, so you are there. I hope your day is not as slow as this system is today.

    I know, it is rough, but someone has to do it. So go ahead, get ready to deal with US tourists who are really retired!!!!!
    Jack & Sherry from over in Tennessee

  5. Good luck getting through it all. Hope the day improves for you.

  6. Have fun at your meeting and don't heckle to loud.
    The bunny is so cute
    we use to have lots on our street
    until Foxy Loxy moved in (o: