Saturday, April 3, 2010

......Never Again.....

Well.....we're back and never again will i drive the 871 miles to West Palm Beach, FL....!!!

This is the one thing i've discovered i feel to "old" to drive it again in one day....
Never again will i fight the 500-some-odd miles of road construction on I 95 or the insane drivers that think 85-90 is cruising speed........where is the highway patrol when you need them...??!!

Never again will i decide to take a different route for the drive home and get caught in a 4 hour stop-and-go holiday weekend traffic back-up in Atlanta........

Hi! Kids!.....we were in the wrong lane and could not get over at your exit......!!
We finally pulled over in South Carolina to spend the night.... could not drive another mile......!!

Never again will i share the roadway with every RV......5th Wheel.....or pull camper heading back to the northern lands......!!

Arrived home Friday afternoon.....a day later than we had planned.....! brothers surgery went extremely well and he went home after 4 at home with a therapist for a few weeks and then he'll be good to go.........thanks to all of you that said a little prayer......they worked!!

Spring has finally hit my little corner of the world.......things are green......the birds are singing and Miss Kitty is once again perched on the rail..... keeping an eye on her world.....

Back to work on Monday.....?!



  1. Oh, I feel your traffic pain ... been there, done that ... I too say 'never again' ... argh ... I hate those situations, hate hate hate them. Glad you did make it home albeit a day late.

  2. Your little corner of the world looks beautiful today. I hear you about long driving trips, hate, hate, hate them. But then, it takes a shoehorn, or my Aunt in Virginia, to get me out of my little corner of the world.

    Glad you're home. Missed your blog.

  3. Thank the dear Lord you arrived home safely and all went well with your brothers surgery. I can hardly go 100 miles without stopping. Driving as I am getting older is not one of my favorite things for sure. Spring break in Florida is not something I'd be driving in for sure. Too bad you are back to work so soon after arriving home. But it does mean that winter is over and that is a good thing for sure.

  4. glad your back!!!! & glad Miss Kitty is on her rail!

  5. LOL - - - sometimes we are FORCED to "eat" those never again words, aren't we?

    I hate to be in the car for so many hours at once too. Hotels are really good things.

  6. Oh, one more thing - - - your new header picture is absolutely breath taking. That strip of fog rolled over the mountains just like a twist of cotton. Gorgeous.

  7. I don't like "running the roads" anymore, guess I've gotten too old.

  8. All of it sounds like a good reason to fly. Besides the hassle of traffic, driving long distances is exhausting. I have enjoyed visiting your blog and reading your posts. I will be following along.

  9. wow
    what a drive
    I hate those long drives and my hubby still likes them
    sorry about all the lousy traffic
    but glad your brother is doing well

  10. Glad you are home safe!
    And your brother is ok


  11. SEE life on the road can be fun!!!! YOu know the nice ting about slow stop and go traffic in the motor home is the bathroom!!!!!
    Glad you had a SAFE trip and all went well with the surgery, that is the most important.

    NOw that you are back RELAX!
    sHERRY & jACK

  12. Glad you made it through that traffic home safe and sound and that your brother is doing well.

  13. Hi...and so glad you are back...and happy that your are safe at home...and what in the past took one day to drive now takes us two...sometimes three..LOL...or a stop at a rest stop for a short nap is amazing how we did it...!!!!! but happy to know brother is doing well and surgry was success...I know he appreciated you being there!!! Happy Easter...hugs from Ora...over in KY

  14. Don't sometimes you feel like you need a vacation from vacation. I used to say I went to work to get some rest! Glad you made it back in one piece. Sounds like to me that Dear Brother needs to move up near you and the parental units!!

  15. it sounds like a wretched trip! glad you are home safe and sound and that the surgery went well

  16. Just glad you made it home safe and sound and that your brother's surgery was a success!~