Monday, April 19, 2010

Load'um Up......

.....and head'um out...!!

Once again it's time to venture out....... over the river ......thru the tree the mighty 4-lane super highway that will take us into the huge city of Boone......!!

Mia and Max need some of the pesky little things that keep them healthy....wealthy(?) and wise.......things like kennel cough vaccine.....rabies shots......the yucky stuff.....!!

The harnesses have been re-sized....(when do they stop growing?) and Grandma is on the way down the hill to help with the free-for-all!!

The trip over will be a barking/grunting fest........and the trip back will be sleepy time...!!

OMGoodness..........Mia has already called......"ShotGun!"

Sorry Grandma...... :(



  1. WEll, say hello to everyone in Boone! It has been so long I can't remember, we loved a little restaurant we always visited while there, just can't recall the name. Probably an age problem for me. HA!
    Good luck on the trip.

  2. Ohhhhh, critter shots. Always an interesting experience. Have, uh, fun?

  3. Mikey, our lab mix, is scheduled for his yearly trip to the vet at the end of the week. It will prove to be interesting to say the least. Last year (the year he came to us) he did NOT want to get in the truck. I think he had a fear of being dumped again. Over the past year he's put on weight. I hope we can coax him into the truck this year without straining any muscles. I don't think even my husband and me together can lift him.

  4. Boone is such a quaint town; I loved my one and only visit.

  5. Oh,they will most definitely need some extra treats today after having to get those nasty shots!

  6. Thankfully you do have some help with it all. One thing about pets is that they do need those annual shots and check ups.

  7. How sweet Grandma is
    my son and family take their giant puppy (labradoodle) everywhere. Four kids and all (o:
    love the humming bird picture (o:

  8. So cute! Mine is all done for the season. Grooming at 7am on Wed! I used to do it more. Cute li'l doggies...

  9. Boone used to be a favorite vacation spot. Deep Creek Campground, don't know if it is still there. Have fun.

  10. Your posts always bring a smile to my face, so thank you! Hope this went easy and fast and the pups are back enjoying life to the fullest.
    Hugs, Noreen