Monday, April 12, 2010


....I can see....!!
Let me explain.......i have worn glasses since the age of 6 and by the age of 11, because my prescription was sooooo extreme and glasses were toooo heavy to stay on my little face..... i was put in hard contact lens.....they were the "new" thing for vision......please remember this was in the math...!!
Do the words......"Blind as a Bat" mean anything to ya....??!
Well......over the last 40 some-odd-years...i've tryed everything...!
And ended up wearing gas-permeated hard lens.....along with glasses....reading glasses and regular glasses - 2 pair - one for distance and one for close-up...
Confused yet...?.....lets just say ..i needed a separate purse for alllll my eye wear....
Saturday i was fitted for a pair of soft lens made from's not just for boobs anymore Martha!..... and OM Goodness...!!...I now have lens that are comfortable to wear and can see 20/ joy of all joys...i can read everything except tiny little print without readers!!!
I can even sleep in these......however, the childhood fears of losing a lens in the back of my eyeball has prevented me from doing that yet......maybe tonight.....
The one small draw back is......i can't get them out!!
Thank goodness the male child has had soft lens for years and has come to my rescue and taken them out for me..
Talk about trust!!
I'll be seeing you......ha!!!......i love it!!


  1. I have tried all types of contacts and never had any success. My eyes would burn and itch and I looked liked I had been crying with all the redness. I wonder if the new silicone contacts would work for me. I hate wearing glasses but can't see a thing without them. Thanks for the info.

  2. My Hubby is" blind as a bat" too,ever since he was a small child.I have seen what a relief it was to him when the newer,softer ,breathable contacts come out.I am so glad you were able to get some too!

  3. you are truly blessed...and now I must ask about these new silicone soft lens...LOL...happy day to ya...hugs...Ora

  4. yes, because I has stigmatisms I also had to try the hard lenses but never did get used to them. Happy for ya that now you can wear the soft contacts.

  5. Congratulations! Let's all sing together now....."I can see clearly now, the rain is gone"..........

  6. Dang! I bet that feels good. The last time I wore contacts was in college. They burned like crazy but I was just vain enough to wear them the whole four years. The minute I graduated, off they came, never to be worn again.

  7. It is a joy when you can see everything, You'll get used to them and even take them out by yourself soon. I've never had contacts but have heard all the joys and woes of them from my children. My DDH was legally blind without his glasses which were strong and thick, he never could adapt to contacts though. Have a great Monday!

  8. that must be wonderful
    I have had 20/20 most of my life until old age set in
    I just hate my glasses
    I just can't get use to them....soooo
    I am blind most of the time(o:

  9. I'm so happy you have some comfortable eyewear now and a son you trust to help you.

  10. Good entry. Never thought of the problems with the glasses and lenses. But I cannot imagine taking the lenses out my self much less getting someone else to do it.

    That has to be a little touchy.
    Take care, glad you are happy with the Silicon!
    Jack & Sherry down in the Piedmont

  11. Let's just say by my calculations that we were both born in the same year. I got my first pair of contacts in 2003 because we were going on vacation and I wanted to wear sunglasses but I was too frugal to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses. Mine are made to be worn at night too but I've never done that. My son has gotten too many eye infections because he doesn't take his out enough. I'm sure you'll get the hang of taking your new ones out. It just takes some getting used to.

  12. I can only imagine what joy must come when being able to see is no longer a struggle. I've always had good sight for distances, but now, I'm worried the reader numbers will not go high enough for my needs.

    See well - see all.

  13. good for you! i wore contacts for 20 years, and then became allergic to them, - so i had the lasix done and it has been fantastic. i wonder if i could wear the silicone ones if i ever need them again?