Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh Where...Oh Where......

.....has my little groundhog gone....??
Haven't seen this guy yet...
Spring is here and i'm wondering if he made it thru the winter or did he hitch a ride to a more southern state...
Maybe...he's waiting for the final snow storm.....the locals say it should be here by the end of the month......maybe he's doing a little spring cleaning before showing his face......maybe he's enjoying a loooonnnngggg winter's nap...
Anyway...i hope he shows up soon.....the dogs are getting cocky.....and they need someone to taunt them and keep them humble....


  1. I think you should count yourself lucky that groundhog hasn't shown up. We have a farmer next to where we camp that was plagued by them last year. The field he plowed was so potted with ground hog holes that he had trouble getting his tractor through it. I do hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

  2. I'm loving that picture. Spring is here so why don't you all just come over here for a nice visit. LOL

  3. He's a cutie...unlike others I just love groundhogs. We have an OLD hoggie who has been with us for years ~ he sunbathes on a stump everyday. I love your picture!

  4. Surely you won't get anymore snow will you?

  5. I hope he is ok and will show up soon. Your header picture is beautiful. Helen

  6. I hope your little groundhog is fine and will appear soon.

  7. We have a village of groundhogs in the field across from my house. A few years ago it was one groundhog. I think there's like 20 now! LOL

  8. Must be nice to have your own weather man, if you can find him~
    Love from NC
    Just stopping by to read, ain't got the mind to comment. Take care.

  9. awww he/she is so cute...hope "it" shows up soon!!! I so enjoy your "mountain" blog...have a happy day...hugs from Ora in KY