Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fashion Wednesday

Here's Mia modeling the latest in fleece wear...
Note the Velcro straps at the neckline and around the middle....
Just what a girl with a short stubby body and a Mae West bust line needs....

And here's Max
Today he's dressed in a collegiate strip turtleneck....
He doesn't roll that neckline......after all when you've got a neck like a giraffe...the longer the neck the better....

Look'n Good....

Bring it on.....ole' Man Winter.....!!



  1. My Rufus has a coat similar to Mia's. He hates it. He must be a tough Wisconsin dog. Either that or it hasn't been cold enough for him to wear it. We haven't seen 20 below yet.

  2. Those fashion divas are just adorable. I'm going to don my fashionable down filled jacket and go out now and continue shoveling the snow...more coming our way today they say. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. How lovely they are...I'm certain those will make the next fashion magazine 'Fashions for your Furry Friends' so keep us posted!

  4. What a fashion show!!! Just what we need while locked inside in this 60 degree weather. hahahaha

    They look like they enjoy being outside for a little while, but I bet they are ready to go back inside.

    Love the pictures. Thanks.
    Sherry & Jack

  5. OMG! Max looks just like my neighbor!!! Not his dog but him!! LOL!! That has made my day!

  6. Now you make me feel badly for sending Mighty into the cold naked.
    Those sweaters are cute and functional without being extreme.
    Think I need to go shopping.

  7. They are just too their jackets....such fashionable wear they have.....

  8. Wow what fashion your dogs have. Not just any old dogs, very special dogs.

  9. 2 of our little kids have sweaters on today too. The third one had one on but somehow managed to take it off.