Saturday, January 8, 2011


....a picture is worth a thousand words....!!

Here we go again!



  1. Keep safe and warm there in the mountains. It is about the same here too. My next door sister is out with the snow blower, but the snow is coming down pretty heavy so it won't be long before it'll need more attention. Have a Super Saturday!

  2. Expecting to look like that here Monday.....

  3. Just remember this next summer when it's 100 degrees!!

  4. We are supposed to get that starting tomorrow evening. Helen

  5. Jean and Sheila want to come up ther and live!!! The snow is Sheila's fault. She moved to NC and done the famous 'Snow Dance'.

    It is beautiful, but it is cold enough that it is encrouching on florida soil, STOP IT!

    Still love ya though!!!

  6. Hewwww the pictures make me feel cold. I haven't had a big coat on since we went to Niagra Falls in December several years ago.

  7. Here we go again is exactly how I feel...UGH! They are calling for more of the white stuff on Monday and Tuesday and I just don't want to miss another day of school because since we are in year-round, we have to make our days up on Saturday; not fun!
    Take care, be safe and stay warm...

  8. I know it is rough on people who actually have to go out in the snow for jobs, but my goodness, it is lovely.
    I have found the perfect way not to get snow. Just want it really badly.