Sunday, January 23, 2011

Poor Max......

....he made the mistake of telling Mia he's thinking about cheering for the Bears and the Jets....!!

Mia's a Packers and Steelers kind'a girl.....

Yes....some may think i'm kidding.....but.....Mia.. (like Iris over at watches TV and one off her favorite things is "FOOTBALL".....!!

She even requested those little teeny-tiny hotdogs to be served during the SuperBowl.....

I'm really not sure she's a Jack Russell.......i think there's a little Tasmanian devil mixed up in there somewhere.....

But.....Hey.....we love her anyway.....

Life is Good


  1. So cute......enjoy your ballgames....I am going to knit.....

  2. Yes, It should be an interesting day of football today! Have fun!!
    Have a Relaxing Sunday ~Natalie

  3. Have fun ~ and enjoy the Game ~ Ally x

  4. Da Bears!!! I'm with Max! All the way!! Enjoy the games.
    #1 Max Fan

  5. I don't watch much football so maybe Max would like to join me I suppose he wants to root for the Bears. Hope you all have a great Sunday. It's still very bitter cold but the sun is shining and that is wonderful!

  6. Huh oh! Those football pets are the worst kind. I married one!!!!!
    May the winner be the one everyone wants!!!!

  7. Our dogs are in the living room watching football with my husband. I'm in the bedroom watching Twilight again.

  8. Hah, I had to laugh because my son has declared Angel-Kitty as a Steeler fan since she's part black, but the dog, Hurricane as a Jets fan; says my hsuband...should be an interesitng time in our home this evening!

  9. Hope you had a great day! Who won those football games anyway? I didn't watch.

  10. Mia definitely has the bragging rights. Should be a fun superbowl. Has Mia picked a winner?