Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Nooooooo....nooooo.....not for the brewing storm clouds.....!!

The state decided to reinstate my job....yah....!!

I'm employed again......well.....at least to the end of this fiscal year...

So March 1st it's back to the old "grind"....
You know the"grind" i couldn't wait to leave last November...

Four months is just enough time off ..... i'm starting to get a bad case of cabin fever....

It's Time....!!......It's Time....!!

Life is Good


  1. That is such good news ~ glad you are employed again ~ Ally x

  2. Yay! I'm glad that you can count yourself in the ranks of the employed once again.

  3. Great news. Now I hope the snow and ice doesn't make the road where you can't travel.

  4. I do hope that by the time you are back to work all the winter storms are passed and you'll have great weather to be out going to work in. March here usually brings some of our heaviest snow falls. But we also do get a few days that remind us Spring will come. Enjoy what's left of January and then February. You still have plenty of time to get what you want to do done.

  5. Glad things worked out well for you! Sheila

  6. GREAT, it is good to have a job you look forward to going back to.

    The kind you always wanted!!!

    Love from Florida

  7. So pleased for you and hope you will be really happy back in the "grind."
    Glad you have time to get used to the idea again.

  8. You are the second blog I've read today that a friend has found a job and one where her husband has gotten a position!
    Hurray!!! good news all around :) Congrats to you!!!

  9. Welcome back! It's nice to hiberante for awhile I know, but let's get back @ it!