Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lazy Day......

....well.....that's what kind'a day it's gonna be.....

Once again the muscles in my shoulders and neck are causing me trouble....
they go into spasm's(is that spelled right?) and send shooting pains up into my temples...!

I believe it's from over use of the mouse and probably need to change my contacts....

Anyway...except for Misskitty's rant....i've been trying to stay away from the desk and give those muscles a rest.....
But, i've been lurking in the shadows of cyberspace...keeping track of all my blogger friends.....
i can to do that with my left hand....

Beware...laptop.....i'm becoming a double-handed mouser.....!!!!

Life is good..


  1. Looks like your snow is gone there. We are still getting more each day...take good care and get better soon!

  2. Love the quiet of a peaceful Sunday. Hope you have a perfect one.

  3. Lurk, but put Miss kitty back on the line!!!

    Love the entry. Hope you get to feeling better. It's all because you deserted Florida. I wondered what happened to all the Floridians, they retired North!

    Love ya!

  4. I had the same problem. Check out
    for what I found to help my body when I use the computer too much.

  5. Linda, do I have the exercise for you! A physiotherapist showed me this years ago and we've been using it for a while....and it works!

    1. Sit on a chair and relax your neck and shoulders as much as you can....don't tense them.

    2. Looking straight ahead, turn your head to the right looking 'over' your shoulder. DO NOT FORCE the motion....very gently.

    3. Keeping your chin 'tucked' (not sticking our) do this motion for 3 sets of six. You can rest between sets.

    4. Remember to NOT force the turning of the head. If it hurts to do even ONE, don't do this at all.

    5. After the 3 sets are completed, take a two minute rest. Then do the same on the other side. Taking your time and not rushing it.

    This really may help, it does us when we really hurt in the shoulders and neck.

    I am a little hesitant to have told you all this but I hope you use your discretion and not hurt yourself more.

  6. Hope you've had a restful day and that you neck is better......

  7. I have that problem, I call it "Secretary Syndrome." Wish I could have a daily, hour-long massage from a professional, my husband doesn't do it too good. I've been to Dr. Batchelor the chiropractor and Bill at the physical therapy inside the Wellness Center, they help but can't afford to continue to go all the time.

  8. These computers sure play havoc on our postures. Sounds like a good massage is in order.