Monday, January 10, 2011

Hunkered Down......

.....Oooooohhhhh i dislike that phrase...!!

"Hunkered Down"

What does that mean..?

Are we like the little bird in the picture......fluffed up....hanging on a branch.....waiting for the worst to come....??!!

"Hunkered Down"

Seems to be a favorite phrase with the weather gurus....
I thought it was a Florida Hurricane Season phrase....
And i thought by moving to the mountains i would leave that phrase behind me forever....


"Hunkered Down" has followed me.....!!
We're now "Hunkered Down" for a big...several day long.....snow storm....with ice....

What's next....

"Cone of Probability...??"

Another favorite hurricane season phrase....

Please spare me....Ole' weather gurus...
Find some new and different language...

Is this a rant or cabin fever...??


Guess i'll go "hunker down" at the sewing machine.....



  1. I can't think of a better way to hunker down than in a sewing room....Have fun and stay warm!!

  2. Okay so you are in, just grab the husband and find a warm spot to snuggle and watch the beauty.

    Funny how those cute 'catch phrases' can rub you the wrong way when continually used.

    Good entry. Love to 'ponder' myself. I guess Miss Kitty is loving the indoors with her own plumbing package.

  3. We are due for a snow storm starting tomorrow. It will be a good one from what they are saying. Guess after today I will be sewing too.

  4. Weather, you just can't get away from it!

  5. Isn't it great you have the joy of quilting. What better way to spend the day. We are to get more snow tomorrow. My body is craving some warm sunshine. Have a cozy Monday there.

  6. Hi there, I so understand your feelings as we've had our share of snow except that I was sick all last week so didn't get cabin fever. Today is beautiful but around 0 degrees outside so other than shoveling the driveway and sidewalks I'll be inside-probably beginning a quilt top.
    Hang in there, spring is around the corner-sure it is, just keep believing with me.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. Yep, we are 'hunkered down' here in NC and schools got out early today and I am taking things home with me becuase we probably won't be in tomorrow either; looks like a Saturday make-up day is in store; UGH! but hey, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it....I intend to scrapbook and do my visiting on-line today :)

  8. This entry just tickled me so much. I wrote about this phrase in my blog or probably my AOL journal. A hurricane was heading for the Texas coast and they wore "hunker down" out.

  9. My mother had a hundred of these sayings...where in the world do they come from?

    I hope you have had fun today sewing anyway because it looks like you may have more snow ahead....We didn't get that much but it looks like you are being hit pretty hard...We'll probably have ice tomorrow......

    To handle these days, I just remind myself of all those days I want to create and can't...sometimes it helps and some times it doesn't....

    Stay warm girl....

  10. We've been hunkered down also! Snow is over, but the temps haven't got high enough to melt any

  11. Thanks. "Hunkered down and Cone of Probability" reminded me why I left the Sunshine state. Yet, here we hunker again. I still think it is preferable to the hurricanes.