Friday, January 28, 2011


Hello..Bloggerville....!!....Misskitty here....

I need your help....
This Morning the people here at the Twelve Acre Woods...
grabbed me.....stuffed me in my carrier.....and took me to...... the VET!!!!!

I need to take some sort of revenge....

I've thought of the snubbing routine.....
the flicking of the tail action.....
Not eating.....
The claws on the furniture and rugs at all hours ....
Tapping of the face (with claws out) at around 4:30 AM.....
The begging at the door for the in & & & out....

But these are everyday things around the cabin.....hehehehe...!!

I need something new....
Any suggestions....??

Oh....BTW...mama says...

Life is Good


  1. Sometimes revenge is not always the best way to go there Miss Kitty. I'm speaking from experience...while it might seem the right thing to do at the time, you'll only feel bad. So my suggestion to you is to swallow your pride and realize it was in your own best interest and trust Momma that she knows how to take care of you!
    Enjoy the rest of the day...

  2. I would agree with Tracy. You are loved Miss Kitty so count your blessings! Glad your Mama is living the good life!

  3. How about walking on the table after using the kitty litter..that'll git em varmints!

  4. A good yak on the kitchen floor will get their attention. Just make sure it's done where it's easy to clean up, because you want to inconvenience them, not get them all flusterpated.

  5. Tracy is right but knowing cats, they do not take the high road.
    Kicking litter out of the box soothes the ruffeled fur on my cats.

  6. Okay miss kitty go outside and climb up a tree and mew for help. That will get their attention. lol.

  7. Miss Kitty you are a clever little one.
    Be good ... and be thankful, because your life is good too!!! LOL

  8. Miss Kitty, If I said what I thought YOU and ME would have a rough time. YOu figure it out. It has to do with the morning coffee! Got it!
    Do it!

    But don't dare tell where it came from. We like life here in Florida, and she knows folk down here!

    Oh wait, Hey Jean has it! It worked for Sam.

  9. Now Miss Kitty I know how you must be feeling but revenge isn't always the best option ~ you just be a good girl and know that your Mamma is only doing what is best for you ~ and I bet the VET was pleased to see such a Beautiful Kitty ~ Ally x

  10. And I suppose they told you going to the Dr is good for ya, yeah right. All those are good idea's Miss Kitty, however, I think vomit and diarrhea are the BIG attention getters, time it just right, wait unil they have company or in the middle of the night, next to their bed.

  11. I'm also in the Blue Ridge mountains :-)
    Love Miss Kitty. We have a similar looking cat, his name is Disco. Mine only stay inside though (meancatmommy) ;-)