Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Birthday...

to Misskitty...!!!

We have no idea when her birthday really is or how old she is..
since we refer to her as "the Cat from Hell" on occasion..
Halloween seemed like a good birthday choice and we've had her eleven years...
you can do the math..we're saying thirteen...but...she could be older.

Well here's the high country update...

  • The leaves changed late this year.
  • CityBoys sister came for a quick visit.
  • The parental units are doing well.
  • CityBoy is doing well.
  • The Malechild will be receiving his master's degree in Autism Spectrum Disabilities this time next year.
  • Mickey is now up to 50 lbs and still growing.
  • Max and Meg are tolerating Mickey and are liking the new peanut butter snacks..
  • We had our first snow....!!
  • And I'm hanging in there....

Thursday, October 19, 2017

It's a Perfect...

cool, crisp Fall morning!
Look close (or enlarge pix) and you'll see the frost on the ground...

Sunday, October 15, 2017

It's Been Awhile....

So let's catch up.....Hummmmm....let's see

I had a birthday.....so far 67 is looking pretty good

Mikey got neutered and I was suppose to keep him quite for at least 3 days...so I took 3 days of vacation to stay home with him.....but....someone forgot to tell Mikey!....dog is still a doofus....

CityBoys sister came for a quick visit and I took another 3 days of vacation.

And then I caught some type of bug and was yucky for a few days...no fun !

The leaves are changing colors at a fast pace and the park is full of "Leaf Peepers."

It's turning cold tonight.....Yaahhh...'bout time.
This 76* in October was weird...