Friday, September 21, 2018

And Life Goes On.....

It's been awhile and life has not been dull...
We weathered Hurricane Florence well, just some flooding of the creeks and rivers up here in the high country.  The parental units had some minor damage around the door ways to the outside, nothing that a little caulk can't fix and we just had wet dogs.  Playing in the rain was a new and wonderful experience.

This summer my SNL was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's.  She was doing fairly well until early August when she was injured in a car accident.  She pulled out in front of a car and was T-boned on the drivers side.  Broke her arm, concussion, small brain bleed, broken ribs and a very large and deep cut on her left leg.  Well as a result of the brain injury her Alzheimer's has advanced.  She has good days and bad days.  But, she is still aware enough to refuse a daily care facility.
Her care is taking a toll on all of us.....please send prayers.

On the bright side....!!

The male child will complete his Master's Degree in December!
The female child - my gypsy girl- is on the move again.  She and her family are touring Germany!

CityBoy and I are hanging in there......
He has cut his work week down to three days.
I'm still with the State Park, walking the Big Yellow Dog ( who is now up to 70 lbs.), and carving out some time for quilting.

PS..... the leaves are staring to turn....!!!