Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crop Dusting

Our house is built on an old Christmas tree farm.....we still have many 12 to 20 foot trees on the property and we are surrounded by Christmas tree fields......yesterday the question of how to spray the trees for bugs was solved!


This one came swooping in about 2pm and in 15 minutes had all the fields sprayed. Wish the "Triple J's " could have been here to watch with us......miss you boys!!

The tanker truck was parked in a field across from the house and the helicopter would fly up and down, back and forth...then swoop in for a was better than watching the soaps on TV!!.......BRB


  1. They would have gone nuts for it, but knowing them, they would have been out in the fields when it all started, or gotten it in their eyes and I would have made yet another trip to the local ER.