Thursday, September 4, 2008

View From My Front Porch

This is the view from my front porch.........WOW!

Being from a long line of porch-sitters.....when we built our new house I insisted on a large front porch. What I ended up with was a 52'x10' porch across the entire front .....Whoopeeeee!!!!

Early mornings are great....all the little critters are starting to stir and most of the bigger human critters in the neighborhood are going to work. Mia, Max and Miss Kitty sit with me as I drink my first (and only cup of coffee for the day) and watch the sun appear over the mountains, which begins to light our world. Some days there is a cloud cover...some days there is a mist...some days there are dark clouds on the horizon....and some days are just strange!...but, everyday is beautiful.

Evenings are great, too!! City Boy joins the 3M's and I, as we watch the coming home parade...The neighbor gradually settles down to a peaceful silence...the wind starts to blow and before we realize it.....the temp is 62!!! time to go in and start over again tomorrow!


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  1. Great picture. We love that front porch too. Maybe that's why we love our's here in GA>