Monday, October 13, 2008

What's happened! Another rant!

To you remember ....back at the beginning of a new year.....the then candidates promised to run a clean campaign!!? What happened?! Negative adds are all over the air-ways!! The state-wide elections are bad enough.....but, what happened to the national?! How much more mud can they toss!!

Greedy CEO's....need I say more!!

Gas prices...... the closer we get to the election.....the less we pay for this a good thing?.....or will it go back up when there is a new guy in office?!

Food prices.....can we blame this on gas prices?......or is this more greedy executives?! The best bargains here are the road side stands......I know these people work for their money!

The housing market.....Ok...bail out all those companies and those who defaulted on their mortgages?! 'bout us hard working people that are struggling to pay our house payment each there a bail out for us?!
Where do I go to be fitted for my "Golden Parachute?"

Cutting the school week to four days you really think that the students will learn more in an extended day?!......and what about the cost of feeding them twice or in some cases three times a day.....will this save enough in gas, salaries and benefits to balance what will be done to the kids?!

Here's a good one......if we had the technology to build an energy efficient car 10 years ago.....why didn't we do it?! ......AAAAAHHHHH....those CEO's again!

Repair people (I'm being PC here) who don't show up on the day or at the time "they" scheduled!

Telemarketers......the last one that called...I got her name and doubled check the company...then nicely asked to be removed from the calling list or I would sue them for harassment....haven't had a call in almost 10 days.....maybe the word is out about me!!

Of course I'm still pondering those "dust bunnies," car salemen and baseboards......Thanks, I feel better....this was a good rant!
I really do love my life here in the some ways it's like living in the 50's again......what a great time that was! Remember Mom wore pearls...........brBoomer

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  1. My mom never wore pearls! Seriously, now that you mention it, I was talking with Jacob the other day about how people of Great-Grandpa's generation saved money to buy things since there wasn't this notion of "buy it now on credit". They used the coffee can or under the mattress. Wonder where I can find one of those coffee cans? Any ideas?