Saturday, February 25, 2012

And They Call the Wind.....

...a pain in my backside...

It's been hooping and hollering...
And howling - growling...
since yesterday...!

Those 60 mph wind gust sound like a freight train barreling around the house...
Due to the" under the cover" sleeping canines..
I was nice and warm and had a great 10 hour sleep...

Live in the Moment


  1. Good grief, those 60 MPH winds remind me too much of Texas.
    A very good time to stay under the covers and snuggle with canines.....

  2. LOL, if Jack slept under the covers, I'd never get any sleep. I'd be covered in hair and bruised from all his kicking! :)

  3. We've had a lot of wind this winter also here in SoCal.

  4. That's a strong wind. I would stay under covers until it quieted outside. Have a fun weekend.

  5. I heard the winds were terrible your way..good day to stay under the covers! :)

  6. It must be windy foreverywhere! Winds down here, gritted my teeth, and the awnings held.
    Hope they do die down there,.

  7. The wind has been crazy off and on here for a few weeks. With the lack of rain this makes for fire danger.

  8. The wind was crazy here yesterday and today some rain.

  9. We've had our share of those winds in our neck of the woods in the last couple days also.
    I'm glad to hear someone else say their dogs sleep under the covers !!

  10. We had some really big gusts here in our part of the country too. It's gotten colder but we didn't get much snow out of it so that is a good thing. I thought March was supposed to be the windy month.

  11. Yeah, that wind moved passed me and on to you! It was crazy! If you get our weather we had here today though, you have lots to look forward too. :-) It was a nice sunny day and with warmth - in the 50's. Very nice.