Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm Ready.....

..for one of these..!!
Six days straight of a slow steady rain and fog...
Things and people are beginning to mold up here..!!

..Hope is Forever..


  1. I certainly know how you feel. We had that this Spring and things did start to mold. Wishing you a rainbow.

  2. I guess you do need the rainbow that follows the rain there. That is a lot of rain. It's mostly been sunny here until today and it looks like we'll have it here so maybe it will quit there. Happy Monday!

  3. Yeah and I hear fromt he flat land below youthey are still getting rain today.
    Sure is pretty here in the Poconos, just thought I would mention it. (smile)

    Love to Linda

  4. Starting to see lots of mushrooms coming up around here (near Rocky Mt Va) as it has been misting or rain for 4 days, mud everywhere. The good thing is that is great for my fall vegetables but not much else.