Thursday, December 11, 2014

Guided Tour....

the MaleChild decided that it would be better for us to ride the public buses to his graduation on Saturday....
Having never ridden anything other than a school bus I had questions...
Yesterday i met the kid at the park where he wants us to park and then we followed the "Orange" bus.
We stopped at the first stop at which the kid said..."Don't get off here"...and then
on to the next stop....."Don't get off here"...and on we went until we were somewhere in the deep heart of the ASU campus.  There was a large turn-a-round at which i got  "The bus waits here about 5 minutes.  Don't get off here."  Finally we reached the Communication Center where he uttered...."Pull the cord and get off here!"
Not bad...a 10 minute ride and we were at the front door.
I think i can handle this bus thing....
Then i took him to lunch...

..Hope is Forever..


  1. Like you buses are an unknown quantity to me too. Glad you had your guided tour and can now arrive where you want to be. How exciting for you all. Enjoy !

  2. I am so proud of you. Buses can be very confusing if you are unsure of where to get on or off. Years ago the bus driver would have been more than ready to help. Unfortunately those days are long gone. Have fun!


  3. Ah, shucks I knowed you wuz very resourceful. Not sure I can handle a bus now... U Done good!

  4. It always amazed me when traveling, how different areas use and treat mass transit. Here it is for those with no car and no money. I travel to Atlanta and every income level takes the Marta.

  5. Will there also be many other people riding the bus with you?

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