Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It Continues...

It happened again...!
Another 5-6 inches of snow....
Maybe David Copperfield would put my driveway in his act...
it disappears very easily...
Mom is still in rehab and improving slowly, she has another doctor's appointment on Thursday....
That should be interesting...

..Change, it's good for you..


  1. Sounds like you are having more snow than we are. We're getting a little each day but in 2 inch increments not 5. Take care ! Hope you mom's appointment goes well!

  2. We had snow yesterday also but only a couple of inches. Praying you mom's doctor appointment goes well.

  3. The snow is beautiful. I have a mother in rehab as well... I hope that your mother continues to improve and returns to full health.

  4. Wow, you have more snow than I do. It snowed here on Valentine's Day, but now we're getting rain.
    Sending prayers and good wishes for your Mom.

  5. We have the same snow in Kentucky. We just receive it right before you! Glad to hear your mom is improving.


  6. WE seniors sometimes heal slower, but we heal GOOD! The best to mama and to you to find your drive. We do appreciate you keeping the snow up there.
    WE are settled in the Piedmont & we be happy with the weather here

  7. We got more snow too, I just finished shoveling again. Hope your Mom keeps improving:)

  8. It has been nice and sunny here today. We don't have too many cold days, but plenty wet ones. Hope your mom gets good news and gets to go home soon.