Friday, May 13, 2016

Moving Day....

Mr. and Mrs. Robin are putting the finishing touches on their new abode...
I'm not sure if they will stay....after all they picked a space by the front door...
and soon that area will be very busy...
Maybe there are little peeping sounds in our future..!

Mom and CityBoy are both doing well and I think I'm still sane...


  1. Hey, barely sane counts at times!!!
    Sweet Robins, good news about mom and the big guy!
    Y'all have a great weekend!

  2. Those feathered friends can make a big mess and are not very good housekeepers. Glad everyone is doing good there at your house.

  3. Lula looks like a Beagle, the neighbors have one, I have petted her once in eight years. She only allows certain people to touch her. Independent little dogs:(

  4. Popping in after being gone well quite Glad you and yours are well enough.

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  6. So glad to hear that Mom and Cityboy are doing well and that you are still sane. Sorry I haven't been around lately, I was on vacation.