Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What's with the wildlife...?

Strange things are happening up at the mountain park....
about two weeks ago, one of the rangers that lives in the park, found two tom turkeys fighting on the hood of his brand new car.....this pass Monday, I chased away two tom turkeys that were attacking the side of our seasonal rangers brand new car.....and yesterday we had a chipmunk hiding under our copier....
Of course I was by myself in the office when I saw the chipper run under the copier....
I propped open the front door and made a "bait" trail, using my cheese snack...then when our intern arrived we began to hunt for the little guy.....finally after about 2 hours, I had to make about 100 the copier turn on the chipper made a run for the door....our intern using a rotating-shooing arm motion and me playing linebacker at the copier, got him out the door....
Two grown women virus one less than a pound was tough but we did it...!!
As for the turkeys.....I think a contract on their lives is being considered....
The live traps are coming out of storage.
The local car dealership says it's the metallic acts like a mirror, the turkeys see themselves and go into attack mode....
Go Figure...!!


  1. That is incredible! I've never heard of turkeys attacking vehicles - or a chipmunk under a copier.

    I've seen wild turkeys around here but they keep their distance. And I've had a big 'possum in my house. Believe me, that was an adventure!

  2. Yeah shades of that old TV program: Strange things are happening! Sounds like life's pace is reaching the mts. Fights, stowaway etc.
    I like the post!

  3. Ever see the TV show called Zoo> Just saying. LOL.

  4. I never heard of a car causing turkey rage before. That's not good at all. As for the chipmunk, I'd say he was lucky he got out alive. Ha!

  5. Had to laugh at your adventures. I had a chipmunk in the house once and used a fishing net to capture the critter. Boy that was a sight to see. I too have never heard of turkeys attacking a car. But the explanation makes sense to me.