Monday, November 14, 2016

Pray for Rain...

all of you out there in Bloggerville please pray for rain.

There are thousands of acres on fire, including two state parks...
All the parks in the NW section of North Carolina are closed until further notice, 'cause my Rangers and Maintenance Men all deployed to fight the blazes.
the picture above was sent to my boss's wife on Sunday...

While you a little rain couldn't hurt... :)


  1. Doing my "rain dance" while I pray for rain and all those being affected by the fires.

  2. Dancing and praying for rain for you! Such destruction and tonite I heard on the news that they think someone is setting the fires :(

  3. Will be praying that rain soon comes your way and puts those fires out. Praying too for the safety of all those fighting the fires. Hope you stay safe !

  4. I am so sorry to read this and will pray that God will send rain or snow to help with the fires. We are having terrible winds here since last night in Southern Maryland, so they are probably coming from your direction or headed to your direction. Prayers that God will keep the fire and rescue personnel and their families safe as well as visitors and home owners. God Bless!