Saturday, September 9, 2017

One Way I Know....

that Fall is fast approaching is when...
the Dillard Brothers show up and mow the Twelve Area Wood.
Getting us ready for the snow that's coming...
21 beans in the jar for August of 2017....
it's gonna be a snowy winter....!!


  1. I am glad to know you guys are gonna have a nice winter. It will make me appreciate my adopted state, your old home. Smile. Hope yours and our friends in Florida all will be alright!

  2. I had wondered about the beans in the jar and if you were still counting...We don't get much fog here in town where I live and I count on your findings. I am so not looking forward to winter !

  3. I love your artwork and follow you pots this very minute!

  4. The early signs of Fall here are scaring me. Don't want a snowy Winter as all we have had this year since April is rain ( record amount of rain in April). Sure hope your "beans" are wrong.