Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall has come to the High Country!

The day started off a little strange......on the east side of the porch the sun was topping the mountains and on the west side the moon was still high in the sky!! These pictures were taken about 7:10 am this morning!!

According the the local weather was the last day of Indian Summer......the rains and cold temps are due in sometime tomorrow.............So on the way home today I took a few pictures of the color on the road home. The leaves should peak this weekend!!

Most of the pixs were taken on the road to the ridge above our house....I pass a beautiful farm and many open fields...then you hit the ridge and look down on our property, you can't see our house but, you can see the red-tin roof of my parents home thru the trees......down the ridge and the cattle farm on the east side and up the drive to the hard woods behind my house.

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