Friday, June 12, 2009

TGIF.....'s Friday....time to look back over the last five days......

The week started on a down slide with the news that a family member, in FL, had been admitted to hospice......he's been terminally ill for a long time and it's was bitter-sweet news....

And then ......of course......the RAIN!!.....everyday.....everynight......i'm thinking of Goggling the plans for an Ark....

Then i was chosen as the winner of the cute little Scottie quilt over on WooHoo!!

Then yesterday........sitting on the mail chair was a box from Aberdeen, SD..........i don't know any one in SD........hummmmmmmm....
It was a surprise gift from Natalie over being the first comment on her 200th blog entry.......thanks again Natalie.....i love it all!!
Now this started me to many blog entries have i made......let's see
This is # 212......!!
To celebrate ...... i'm gonn'a give away........the baby quilt i named.....
"X's and O's"

Just leave a comment telling me how your week was........good or bad...........go ahead an vent if you need tooo......!

Then on Monday the 15th....which should be my 215th post.....
We'll announce a winner



  1. pick me, pick me. It's been a good week for me except for all the RAIN. I turned another year older and everybody is healthy.

  2. LM, I am so very sorry to hear of your family member in hospice. I will be praying....Blessings~Sharon

  3. My week was good. I was busy weeding, travelling to appts with kids and just relaxing reading a book. Have a wonderful weekend. Hope I win!!

    Sorry to hear about your family member. It's always so hard to see our loved ones sick.

  4. My week has been a good one. This was my short work week! So, that's always good. That means I can keep close to the computer & be able to keep up with all my friends like you!

    Of course, I would love to be the winner of your beautiful I'm in total amazement at your quilting talent.

    Sorry about the bad news concerning your family member. Praying for you all!

    Congrats on being the first commenter on Natalie's 200th blog entry! How cool is that?

  5. that's a beautiful quilt you are giving away!! seems like you had an up and down week, some good, some bad, some sad; can only hope the weekend is restful!

    my week - okay - I'm between jobs so spending too much time on the computer and too much time eating, but getting a few things done here and there

    have a good weekend :)


  6. My week has been shitty, Give me a shovel to dig my way out!
    sorry to hear about the ill family member

  7. Id like to say my week was great but will settle for it was good...I love you always cheers me up.....and turns me green with envy because of your great view!!


  8. Hi LM,
    Sorry to hear about your family member having to go into hospice. That's got to be a rough time for everyone close to him/her.

    As for my week, a friend of my husband's died ... she had a heart attack Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, and never recovered from the bypass surgery. She lived here (Los Angeles), but at one time had a somewhat high profile position with some Las Vegas casinos. She died here, but her family (who live in Vegas) took her to Vegas for viewing. The plan was to bring the body back to L.A. for burial. Change of plans - the burial was Thursday in Vegas. My husband found out about the change of plans 15 minutes before the service. He wasn't happy about it. Not sure if there will be a memorial service in L.A. at this point. *grrr*

    As for your beautiful quilt, if I am chosen as the lucky recipient, I would gladly accept, on the condition that I am allowed to donate it to a group called "Binky Patrol" ( They make blankets and give them to children in crisis situations. My church has had an active chapter of Binky Patrol for the past 9 years, and I'm sure some child would love to have it.

  9. I am so happy to see the package made it swiftly to your place...and I'm glad you like the stuff...that is my favorite scent in the body lotion...
    I had a wonderful week, by the way. Both daughters are home. ~Natalie

  10. Sorry to hear about your relative. My week ended well with school now officially over. I love the kids but I am drained. Luckily it rained not on school time so we were able to get out EVERY day.

    Feel like I live in a rainforest though. Between the wild, fast growing greenery and the humidity.

  11. Sitting here this saturday morning looking through all your pretty things on your blog. Really like the header picture. You have yourself a nice week-end.

  12. Wow! I'd love to win. My week was good, home fires well banked, garden getting rain, new craft projects coming along. Compared to the previous week, I felt like I got a bit of heaven on earth. My axis sure tilted to the sunny side from the dismal darkness of before. Smiling!

  13. Good week - and if we would get some sun instead of rain it would be perfect!