Monday, June 1, 2009

We are not alone.......

Shortly before noon on Sunday, the parental units made the final trip from the summer cottage to the Lodge...... and.......The Cats Have Arrived!!!
This makes the move official...
Here's the mother unit with cat #1
Here's cats #2 and #3

And when we opened the crates ....the fun began....

Now .... if you were a cat and you had been living in a summer cottage with approx. 900 square feet.....and someone plucked you out of there ....put you in a box.....put you in a car.....and dropped you off in a new house with 3200 square feet ....what would you do??!!

You guessed it.....EXPLORE AND RUN.......!!!!
Susie Q and Jeff settled right in after the "free-for-all"
But....Trace....he's still looking over this new place....

Lights were on at the top of the hill last night.....strange.....we're no longer the only Floridians living on the mountain........

Now the big we sell the summer cottage.....or..... keep it for visitor overflow!!>??


  1. I cannot imagine wanting to be any other place. Do you really have a lot of overflow? I love the cats, they are so cute and I could just imagine their explorations.

  2. You know my opinion on this. I NEED a getaway place, to escape the madness of living with all these boys!!!!!

  3. Yeah, the cats have arrived!!! What lovely cats they are,too. It makes for fascinating cat watching to see the explorers and the watchers. I'd be a watcher, I mean, not that I'm a cat but if I were I'd guess. I'm just sayin'...

  4. I say keep the cottage if you have no need to sell it now and let everyone get settled in and then think about selling it if you still might want to

    so glad the cats made it there and had fun exploring their new "digs"


  5. I guess one would have to decide, is there something at the FL location that I donot have at my present location? If not, get rid of it!

  6. what cute babies!!!

    glad they made it safly!!


  7. That's great! Welcome home to the parental units!! (& of course the cats too)

  8. If I were a cat I would hide under the bed.....They are really cute.

  9. We just knew those cats would arrive. Beautiful cats.