Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'll believe it......

.....when i see it!!!
As many of you know parental units built a Lodge (house) up the hill from us...
Well......the Lodge has been done and ready since March the 1st......the units have been moving in load-by-car load .....
Yesterday the male unit called and said..."we're on our way with the last loads!"
Here's Papa....with the contents of the refrig and the pantry.....
Here's Mom with the last of the "stuff" in the closets......

Isn't it cute....they have matching cars......
(An Escape and an Explorer....they own stock in Ford Motor)

There they go......

I have only one question.....

Where's the cats?

Maybe tomorrow.........i'll keep you posted!!


  1. Oh no, they can't leave the cats behind...
    So just how close will they be living to you? Enjoy your new neighbors! Take care ~Natalie

  2. LOL, Indeed where are the cats? Let us know..... Hmmmmm

  3. I'm sure you'll see the cats soon. Now I understand what the parental units are. Cute they have the same vehicles.

  4. Hopefully, they were not in the fridge (gasp)! LOL

  5. that's my kind of move, slow and steady over a long period of time. wishing them much happiness in their new house. I'm sure the cats are somewhere safe, right??

    do let us know


  6. Hail Hail the gangs all here...almost???!!!! LOL...happy day...Ora

  7. The cats are in the box marked mouse traps!

  8. Yeah man, I have the same question! I'll be back looking for answers to that one.

  9. I bet you are excited and thankful too that the move is finally complete. I think it's wonderful that you all can be there in that beautiful place together. I will be interested in seeing just where those cats were!

  10. They wouldn't forget them!!

    Would they??