Friday, May 29, 2009


Do these two look "guilty" or what....??
Once again this week can be summed up in one word......RAIN.....
So much rain that the county south of us had to cancel school due to flash flooding........the mountain have been on a "Flood" watch for three days....low bridges are closed.......the rivers, creeks and streams are all over their banks and rolling right along at a good clip......
Things surrounding me are so damp......had to turn on the AC last night because of the humidity.......FL was humid with a capital "H "...but, even 74* with a humidity level of 92% can be miserable.......
Well.....gott'a run to the mountain park......which is like a rian forest......
Lucky...male child and fur babies will probably sleep till noon.......after all the AC is on and the ceiling fans are running on low......prefect for sleeping!!!


  1. It's the same here. I like the comparison to a rain forest. It's a chilling dampness here this morning with only 56 degrees. I did have my a/c on last night due to the humidity too, but turned it off this morning. Hope your Friday is a great one!

  2. Like you our AC ran last night...and fans on low...and if it doesn't rain again today it sure is going to miss a good chance is hanging low..and the birds are chirping and flying ever which way...and those two little doggies by the fence sure did look guilty LOLOL..happy day to you...Ora in KY

  3. yep, those two look like they are scheming

  4. Yes...but innocent until proven guilty...right?! or is it the other way around?!! Take care ~Natalie

  5. I thought it was funny that Ray, of RaysWeather, said they were going to make WaterWorld Part 2 up here.

  6. Boy you really are getting rain. Our weather is nice, no rain in the forecast and temps that I love. Haven't even had to install the a/c yet.

    I know what you're saying about humidity. Where we live, when it gets hot and there has been a lot of rain, the humidity sits at 100%. Nothing worse!!

  7. Hey Linda May, stopping in for a visit today. I know this humidity is really bogging me down. Cant breathe, its like a sauna mid day. All the rain we have had is really making things muggy, and I don't like it one bit. I used to live in Columbus, Ga. Its in a valley, so it traps humidity really bad. It feels like that here now, and I aint liking it. I am all for the AC and fans. For some reason I am not feeling nappish today, for Enjoy it, at least its not freezin cold! Hugs, Kelly