Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The New Neighbor......

City Boy ventured down the driveway meet the new neighbor.....She sits in the nesting box on what we call......Telephone Pole Lane....and watches the activity going on in the yard......she stares at us as we go by......late in the afternoon she takes a flight around the area....hunting for seed and bugs.....we have not been able to get close enough to check for eggs......but, i'd rather leave her alone....

We're not sure what type of bird she is.......dark blue on the top and whiteish-gray on the bottom half with a bright blue spot on her head .......

She reminds me of the killer whales at Sea World ....the way her head peeks out of the hole....
I'm calling her "Shamu"

Can anyone help me as to what type of bird she is.....??

Also, several months ago....on a blog i read....there was mention of a quilt project for the children of the Appalachians....if you have the info....please leave me a comment......Thanks


  1. No clue on what type of bird it is but they are fun to watch.

  2. LOL I was thinking that she looked like a killer whale....before I read your statement

  3. I'm no help at all but I've heard that blue birds love those kinds of houses for nests.

  4. could be a chickadee...not sure tho...I think you should name her

  5. Don't have a clue what the bird is and I can't find the blog that mentioned the appalachian quilts.

    The little bird house is so cute.

  6. Can you get a picture of him out of the box?
    Sorry, but I know *nothing* about the App kids quilt thing...
    But I do love your pictures. =-)

  7. well I am not much help with anything this time...don'e have a clue as to the bird...but she looks quite content thee in her house!!!! nor do I remember anything about the quilts...but sounds like a good thing!!! have a great week end...hugs from KY...Ora

  8. THis looks like an Eastern Bluebird to me. They nest in boxes... Eat insects... check out
    I need to see more of your mamma bird!! You're really lucky to get her if it is a blue bird!!!

  9. What's causing the rainbow across these pictures?? Are you taking the shot from a car window??