Sunday, May 17, 2009


These little ditties are popping up all over the county......This is just three of "Barn Quilt Squares" that i pass in my travels.......

Some are painted by the high
school art classes with $$ from a grant.....Some people have designed and painted for themselves......

I want one!!......

Do i need a barn??!!......don't have a barn......could this be a problem??

Could i attach it to the side of the house??....would it then be a "House Quilt Square"????

The powers in Washington DC think they have problems......this is a major decision......maybe i need an advisory committee.......!!


  1. I think those are really pretty. I don't see why they would not look pretty on the side of a house. Helen

  2. Hee hee! advisory commitee should handle it nicely!! :-0

  3. Gorgeous! You need one as much as you love to quilt. I think it would look great on your house!

  4. paint the retaining wall, or Papa's shed. You know he will have one soon!!

  5. The Pennsylvania Dutch always had barn hexes on their barns, they are beautiful to look at.

  6. I think they are so pretty. Much better than the graffitti that's around. Maybe the graffitti artists could paint those instead, what do you think. Do you have a shed or a workshop....I think they'd be perfect there. Hmmmmm maybe I can do that on hubby's workshop. Wonder if he'd go for it.

  7. First you have to form a committee, then study it for a few years and by the time you reach a decision there will be something else that is fashionable. Plus you have to look for funding for the paint. LOL

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  10. Hi,

    I am writing a book about quilt barns and quilt squares--over 200 of them to date!! I ran across your blog today.

    There are lots of them all over the place mounted on posts, on garages, sheds. houses, public buidings--any place that you can

    I knkow that you were kidding about the advisory committee--just wanted to weigh in with a word of encouragement.

    I hope you will paint and install one for yourself; they bring a lot of joy to so many people.

    Suzi Parron

    (BTW I had to delete my earlier comment b/c of a typo)

  11. Me like 'em... I say go for it!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  12. We also have several of those in this area of KY too! I love looking at them. I told hubby as soon as we get the barn finished, that I want one too!!!

  13. No, you don't need a barn. I have a small (5' x 12') tool shed that I am going to paint a quilt block on. Haven't decided which block yet. That's the bigger issue.... which block!!! Just find a big empty wall outside. Nobody said it had to be YOUR wall. Just so you can enjoy it from YOUR porch!