Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have been quilting.......things just seem to take longer ..... Don't know why....
This is the little lap quilt, I've been playing around with since we got home from the Shop Hop in's made with a jelly roll and some pre-cut yardage i picked up at "A Scarlett Thread" in McDonough, GA
I think ..... what took me soooo long was....... i decided to use the "quilt as you go" method.....and i had to break it down into workable strips, quilt it and then put it all back together.......yikes!!
See those small black strips....? that's what is holding the whole thing together!!!
Orange dot fabric and black with paw prints i had in my stash and they just seemed to add to the madness.........

Soooooo......I've named this one......
in honor of that crazy shop hop.....!!


  1. The front is gorgeous but the back of it is cute too. You think it took a long time but I'm amazed at how quickly you did it. I guess you have been busy.

  2. I love it. Don't you just love those jelly rolls. When I was at a quilting show, I learnt a few things to do with them. I haven't had time to post about it on my blog yet...I'll do that once it's not quite so crazy here.

  3. Nice..tooo cute.I bring a lap blanket to the movies...its toooo cold inside for me..

  4. Nice quilt...the front and the back is pretty.

  5. I love the colors, my favorites.

    I live over in Vilas. Do you know Gary and Suzie Fletcher? They live in Fleetwood. I work with Gary.

  6. Lovely lap quilt...and that rainbow...oh how beautiful...great pics too...isn't it nice to get a reminder of where we are in life..and such a comfort!!!! thanks for sharing...hugs...Ora

  7. Awesome usual, you amaze me with your quilting. I love quilts, just don't know how to make them, and really haven't gotten to the point in my life where I have some peace and quiet to do stuff like this. Maybe one day. ;) Hugs, Kelly

  8. The fabric definitely looks like it came from A Scarlet Thread! How did you like the quilt-as-you-go process?

    Is AST the closest quilt shop to where your daughter lives in Griffin?