Thursday, September 20, 2012

All Those Socks....

...that have been lost in the wash...
Here they are..!!

This cutie was made by my down the mountain and around the corner neighbor..
Love the plaid border...!!
Great way to use up those scraps...

Live in the Moment


  1. What a lovely quilt and fun theme!! Who wouldn't love that on their bed?

  2. It's the time of year when I put those socks on too. Had to give up my flip flops this week for socks and shoes. It's gotten much cooler here. Beautiful quilt! Hope your Thursday is a great one!

  3. I love the lost sock answer. I wondered where they went. A mustery solved at least in one household. LOL

    Love from Hershey Pennsylvania.

  4. Really I meant Mystery not Mustery.

    Love from up here!!!

  5. That is tooo funny....

    I did see one that I might have the match to!

  6. Aww I like that. I don't lose socks I lost hoop earrings. Don't know where they go. Maybe they are on a quilt somewhere.