Thursday, May 9, 2013

Something strange..... going on outside my front door...
There's this unusual light in the sky...
A big bright ball of joy...
it's the sun..!
Wonder how long it's gonna stick around...?
Everyday is a Gift


  1. BUT that lucky old sun got nothing to do but roll around heaven all day!

    Glad you see it, we are hitting the road again today for a short vacation.

  2. Lucky you. We had sunshine yesterday - today it is supposed to rain again. Treasure that big bright ball of light while it lasts.

  3. We, too, have a glimmer of sunshine this morning. Yet, I wonder how long it will be before it fades, and the showers return. A chance for rain is in our forecast everyday until Monday! Enjoy that sun!

  4. Isn't that sunshine a welcome sight. We too have sunshine and blue skies here today! Enjoy!

  5. Look at all that green snow covering the ground!! :)